Photo Portfolio

Mau Forest Evictions // Narok County, Kenya // 2018

In July 2018, the Kenyan government undertook an eviction program targeted at removing 40,000 people settled in a protected forest. People had been settled in the vital water catchment area since the 1980s by politicians trading environmental security and land tracts for political patronage. Now they are being removed forcibly without any resettlement plans or material support on grounds of environmental conservation.

Kibera Settlement Demolition // Nairobi, Kenya // 2018

3,000 homes were destroyed, along with dozens of schools, churches, and businesses, to make way for a new highway in Nairobi's capital. The road will pass right through the heart of Kibera, the largest informal settlement in Africa and home to nearly half a million people. The Roads Authority has refused to offer compensation to the displaced people, arguing that they were squatting on government land. 

Flat Earth Conference // Raleigh, USA // 2017 

In November 2017, 500 people gathered in a hotel ballroom in North Carolina to discuss the ultimate conspiracy: the flat earth. The three day conference featured ends-days preachers, pseudo-scientific presentations, awards ceremonies, and a grand reveal for a multi-million dollar sea vessel with which to discover the edge of the planet. The project was published in Vice Motherboard and the photos later licensed by BBC Focus magazine. 

Sister Gracy and Mary Help // Wau, South Sudan // 2017

Sister Gracy Adichirayil moved to Sudan in 1989, two days after Omar al-Bashir took power, and has been there since. In 1997, she was moved down south to the Diocese of Wau, then working to relieve the largest famine the region had ever seen. Sister Gracy today runs her own organization, Mary Help, responsible for the first ever nursing diploma program in the country, several primary and secondary schools, and the largest children's hospital in the state.  

Artisanal Gold Dredging // Niger River, Mali // 2016

An informal gold dredging operation on the banks of the Niger River in southern Mali. The site was unsupervised and largely staffed by minors who were receiving less than $2 a day for their work. The children worked without safety equipment or protocol, dissolving gold in mercury, burning it off in their kitchen, and diving in murky water with only a rubber tube to the surface for air.

Wankoro Village // Central Mali // 2016

A visit made to Central Mali in autumn 2016. Photographs of village life, blacksmithing, a Gulf-funded mosque, etc.

South Sudanese Refugee Influx // Adjumani, Uganda // 2016

Following the signing of ARCSS in 2015 and the return of Riek Machar to Juba in April 2016, refugee numbers continued to increase in Uganda. A spate of attacks by "unknown gunmen" across the country had forced people from their homes and into Uganda, where they were granted full refugee status, limited market access, and a plot of land. These images contributed to a report filed for IRIN on Ugandan refugee policy. 

The Last Temple // Brooklyn, USA // 2015

In the 1970s, Cambodia refugees and immigrants were a vibrant part of New York's ethnic patchwork. However, many of those families moved off to California amidst rising crime, rent, and a growing community of Cambodians in Long Beach. Today, only one Cambodian Buddhist temple remains in Brooklyn. These photos were included in a reportage published by award-winning travel magazine Roads & Kingdoms.

South Sudan Rebel HQs // Nairobi, Kenya // 2015

Nestled between a beauty salon and tailor in a high-rise Chinese market on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, resides the political HQs of the SPLM-IO, the largest rebel army in South Sudan. The cramped room ebbs and flows with military spokespeople, delegates to the negotiations in Addis Ababa, and emissaries recently returned from a fundraising tour of the United States. These photos were included in a reportage published by award-winning travel magazine Roads & Kingdoms.

Independence Day // Juba, South Sudan // 2015

The fourth anniversary of South Sudan's independence on July 9, 2015. It would also be the last independence celebration since. The following year, the fifth anniversary was heralded by the collapse of the unity government and the fighting which enveloped Juba.